The Texas A&M Emergency Care Team, or TAMECT for short, is one of Aggieland's largest and most important organizations. Through the hard work and dedication of all of our volunteer members, we provide emergency first response at all of Texas A&M's sporting events, many Corps of Cadets events, and various other events throughout campus and the Bryan/College Station area.

While no experience is required to join, our teams of medics are led by highly qualified nationally and state certified EMTs and Paramedics. Many of us ride on real ambulances for services around the College Station area. We also have a team of dedicated, certified instructors to train both our own members as well as the general public. We offer our members training in CPR, basic first aid, and advanced first aid. We offer certified American Heart Association training in both CPR and first aid to the general public at a very competitive rate. We even offer courses to become a nationally and state certified EMT.

Each year we are requested to staff hundreds of events both on and off campus. In the fall, our largest events are Texas A&M football games. At Kyle Field, our team of roughly 60 medics provides emergency care to 80,000 fans. On average, we see around 600 patients per game. Our medics are the vital link between you and the waiting ambulances when seconds count. In the spring, we staff many basketball and track events, providing care to thousands of fans. We also staff the Corp of Cadet's March to the Brazos which involves around 1,700 cadets marching a total of 36 miles. Last year we saw over 200 patients during this event.

Having begun as Texas A&M's first ambulance service in 1976, we now work closely with Texas A&M University EMS to provide care at various events. As an all-volunteer student organization, we keep in close contact with Texas A&M EMS via radio to get an ambulance to you as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency. Since a responding ambulance may take up to 5 minutes, we are able to provide basic life support in the event of a life-threatening ambulance. These services include, but are not limited to, CPR, cardiac defibrillation, basic airway management, and much more. There are times, however, that an incident occurs that requires aid, but perhaps not an ambulance. We are qualified to treat injuries and offer experienced medical direction to obtain definitive care.

The care we provide, while free to every single patient, is not free to us. We rely heavily on university funding and private donations to restock our equipment and replace outdated/expired equipment. If you are interested in supporting TAMECT, please visit the donations page.

Texas A&M Emergency Care Team is committed to providing the best, most experienced immediate patient care in the event of an emergency. When the unexpected happens at one of our events, we are there in seconds to help you through the worst.