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TAMECT uses EMS eSchedule software to manage all of its event staffing.  Once you have submitted your profile, you will be provided with your login information and a temporary password to login with. Please change your temporary password on your first log in for security purposes. You will first be given basic access to sign up for your trainings and any PR events we have planned during the semester. After you have completed all of your education requirements and have successfully gone through our clearing process, you will be given further access to start signing up for events to work as a first responder.

If you have any problems with eSchedule, please contact Zach Quick at or 214-504-8160. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

TAMECT eSchedule:

Begin by accessing TAMECT’s page on eSchedule by following the link above.  You will be brought to the page below.

Proceed by entering your login information:
username: firstname.lastname
password: lastname and your date of birth in mmddyy format (lastnameMMDDYY)

Click on “Submit” to bring you to the home page.

For beginner purposes, only 3 links should be needed:

  1. The “Account Settings” button will allow you to change your password.  Please change your password on your first login from the default password given to you to protect your account’s security.
  2. The “Events Calendar” is used to sign up for education classes, PR events/socials, and community service projects, and is explained in detail below.
  3. The “Weekly Spreadsheet” is used to sign up for events, and is explained in detail below.

Events Calendar: (How do I sign up for classes? How do I sign up for PR events/socials?)

This where you sign up for educational classes needed to clear as a full medic. In addition this will be where you can sign up for any socials or PR events we have organized.  To sign up, simply click on the green + boxes (boxed in on this photo).  The page will reload to show a red – sign instead.  To remove yourself from an event/class you signed up for, simply click on the red – sign again.  To view different months, click on the arrows at the top of the page (boxed in on this photo).

Weekly Spreadsheet: (How do I sign up for events?)

This is how we sign up to staff events.  Only those positions available for sign up will be shown as clickable links, with the rest displayed as normal text.  To sign up for a position, click on the link (1) which will then open the box shown in either a pop-up or a new page.  If you have a pop-up blocker, you may need to disable it at this point.  To confirm your sign up, click “Update(2) which will close the tab and reload the page to show your name in the event slot.  To change between weeks, click the arrows near the top of the page (boxed in this photo) to either go forward or back 1 week.

NOTES: Please DO NOT change the times shown in the confirmation box for any reason.  If you can only work part of an event, please contact the Events Coordinator at

At this time, eSchedule does not allow first responders to remove themselves from the events that they signed up for.  Please contact our Events Coordinator to have yourself removed from staff.


How do I get more information on where to go for the event?

Go to the “Events Calendar” under the “Schedule” tab and click on the event in which you are looking for more information. A window will pop up with information on the time, directions to the event/first aid station, your TAMECT emergency contact for the event, and the EMT you will be working with.


What if I can’t go to an event anymore?

Email the Events Coordinator at at least 48 hours before the event and we will remove you from your shift.


What if I want to sign up for an event but I will have to leave early/show up late?

Sign up for the event and then email the Events Coordinator at explaining the situation. Beginning and ending times can be changed for most events. However, we ask that you do everything you can to stay for the entirety of the shift that you sign up for.