Meet the Officer Team!

If you need to get in touch with TAMECT's leadership, please contact one of the corresponding officers below and they will be able to resolve your question. 


President - Michael Williams 

The President manages external affairs and oversees the entire organization.


            Cell: 979-299-9326 


Vice President - Kristina Cross

The Vice President manages internal affairs and is in charge of the clearing process for probational members.


            Cell: 214-728-1789 


Secretary - Zach Quick

The Secretary keeps records and manages resources for the entire organization. This includes keeping track of certifications, maintaining an active website and electronic scheduling software, and ensuring that uniforms and non-medical equipment are available to members.


            Cell: 214-504-8160


Treasurer - Callie Moore

The Treasurer manages all organization finances. 


            Cell: 979-236-2588


Events Coordinator - Michael Mares

The Events Coordinator ensures that all events are properly scheduled and staffed. 


            Cell: 214-284-6331


Internal Education Coordinator - Hanna Bailey 

The Internal Education Coordinator is in charge of all training for our membership. This includes managing the basic life support training for both new and current members as well as any extra supplemental training classes we might offer during the semester.       


            Cell: 830-377-0378


External Education Coordinator - Colin Mayer

The External Education Coordinator manages the public aspect of our education department providing CPR and basic first aid training to the A&M student body and surrounding Bryan/College Station community.


            Cell: 210-823-1219


Public Relations - Gaby Hoyumpa

The Public Relations officer recruits new members and promotes the organization to the University, community, and potential donors.


            Cell: 210-867-0336



If you are having difficulty logging into/using eSchedule, please contact Zach Quick at (please allow 24 hours for response).