Unusual Occurrence Form

The attached Unusual Occurrence Form (UOF) is for you to print out whenever you want to report something that happened out of the ordinary, or to address an issue among the membership. The A&D Committee (consisting of the President, Vice President, and Secretary) will review these submitted forms and decide upon an appropriate course of action, if necessary. All UOFs will be kept confidential. Only the A&D Committee will see this. The Unusual Occurrence Form may be used by any of our members, Full or Probational. 

Please seal (i.e. tape) and turn these forms in to one of the officers on the A&D Committee (President, Vice President, or Secretary). If you cannot get ahold of an A&D officer, then you can turn it into any of the other officers and they will make sure that it gets to the A&D Committee. 

If you have any questions regarding UOFs, please contact the President at president@tamect.tamu.edu .