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How to Join:

Are you interested in joining TAMECT? Well that’s great! We are currently accepting applications for membership until midnight of Thursday, February 15th! Here are the steps to join and become a full member:

  1. Complete and submit a Probie Profile (instructions below):
    • Go to our Maroonlink page:
    • Request to join our organization
    • After your request has been approved, head over to our Maroonlink home page and scroll down till you see a section titled “Forms”
    • Here you will see a form titled “Probie Profile”
    • You must fill this form out entirely and pay dues ($30 for the semester) before we will approve your profile
    • After your profile has been approved, you will receive a message from our Secretary, Zach, with instructions on how to log onto our online scheduling system, what classes you must take and in which order, and how to sign up for classes and events
  2. Take and pass the following education classes in order:
    • HIPAA/Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Healthcare Provider CPR
    • Basic First Aid
    • Advanced First Aid I
    • Advanced First Aid II
  3. Pass knowledge and skills clearing tests
  4. Work at least 10 event hours
  5. Pay dues of $30
  6. Attend biweekly meetings (you may miss no more than 3 meetings without a valid excuse)

NOTE: Just because you have completed a Probie Profile and have paid semester/yearly dues, you are not guaranteed a spot in our education classes. Our education team is comprised of full time students and, as such, the times we have available for courses is limited. Our recommendation is to get the Probie Profile turned in as soon as you can so that you have the best shot of signing up for our classes.

NOTE***: If you are unable to sign up for education classes, do not fret! We have plenty of other opportunities for our members to receive organizational hours. Opportunities such as community service events (Big Event, Kyle Field Cleanup, Reed Arena Cleanup, etc.), PR events (making Valentine’s cards for nursing home residents, Probie Meet and Greet, etc.) and monthly socials (ice skating, bowling, etc.)!


If you have any questions regarding the process to join, you may contact our President, Michael, at